Nicole Maternity

Yesterday was such an amazing February day. The SUN was out! Due to wintertime the light was low in the sky, creating a wonderful back light for this session. 

I headed up north from Seattle, WA to Anacortes for a maternity photo shoot with Nicole. She has 6 weeks to go. She is beautiful, glowing, and her and  her husband Jason are very excited for their first baby boy, Elliott Raymon (yes. this is Raymon with no D :) He is named after his grandfather).

pregnant belly with soft backlightNicole's family lives in Anacortes. She headed up north from Eugene, OR for a baby shower put on by the lovely ladies at her father's church, New Hope Christian Fellowship. Nicole and I headed to Washington Park for the photos. Washington Park is an amazing park with views of the San Juan Islands and Olympic Mountains. We headed to this small cove with a beach. You can see the evergreens in the background. Water, trees, low light, a photographers dream :) 

maternity photo in washington park by rachael kruse photography

Photography of Nicole Miller by Rachael Kruse Phogotraphy, Seattle, WA

I LOVE the Soft light on the Water from the Photos above!

Rachael Kruse Photography maternity with Nicole MillerMy Favorite part about this above photo, is how the curves of the sand reflect the beauty of the curves from Nicole's beautiful baby belly.

Rachael Kruse Photography maternity Photo

Rachael Kruse Photography maternity PhotoThe Photos above were not the most comfortable to take for Nicole, notice the rocks. I do enjoy how they turned out. Thanks Nicole for the sacrifice!

Rachael Kruse Photography Maternity Photos of Nicole MillerThe below image was captured while Nicole started laughing because more and more people started coming to enjoy the small beach. She felt silly posing for the camera. So glad she did. The photos turned out amazing. 

Rachael Kruse Photography Maternity Photo

ribbon around maternity belly and my name is tage. Rachael Kruse PhotographyNicole saw these ideas for the ribbon around her belly and the "hello my name is" tag on Pinterest. She wanted to use these ideas in her photo shoot. I love Pinterest. You can always find so many great ideas. 

You can follow Rachael Kruse on Pinterest. Click HERE! I have wonderful Photo ideas. It is also a great way to get to know me better! I also have craft ideas, decorating ideas, and party ideas. Check me out!

Rachael Kruse Photography Maternity PhotoRachael Kruse Photography Maternity photoThank you Nicole for allowing me to work with you! Congratulations to you and your husband Jason! I can't wait to meet baby Elliott :)