Elliott Raymon Newborn Photos

Easter is becoming one of my favorite holidays with family! It is a tradition (2 years in a row now) for Adam's brother and family to head down to Eugene and spend time with my family. We get the best of both worlds with both families! With my brother having his first son about a week before, it was perfect timing to get some newborn photos. 

  My parents have a beautiful home on the McKenzie river, with wonderful large windows that let it amazing soft light. We used their bedroom to capture these.

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Here are more photos from Easter with the family.Kendrick StephenJonah Matthew HarestadElizabeth harestadHarestad FamilySuzannah KruseJustin Kruse familyThe below images were taken by my sister-in-law Suzannah Kruse. She took the photos, but I edited them. She is also a photographer in Salem Oregon. Check her out HERE!Rachael Kruse and Nicole MillerAdam and Rachael KruseAnd again Suzannah Kruse :) So fun to have photographs of me taking photos!photographing newborn


Elliott Raymon Miller

Adam + I have a new nephew! My brother Jason, and his wife Nicole had their first son last Wednesday, March 28th. The new little guy is named Elliott Raymon. This is our fourth nephew. :)

Nicole went into labor Wednesday morning. I mentioned to Adam I wanted to go, and he encouraged me to head down to Eugene from Seattle to be with my family. What a great husband, right?!Jason Miller new daddyAbove, the proud father awaits the little man's arrival. He was so excited!awiting Elliott Ramon Miller's birthMy Mom, Joyce awaiting her third grandson. My Dad and her are so happy to have the first grandson with the family name.Nicole's Dad awaiting first grandsonThis is Dwight Woodruff, Nicole's Dad. He may be one of the funniest guys I know. Nicole's parents were awaiting the arrival of their first grandson.New born babyElliott was born at Sacred Heart Riverbend Hospital. The nurse is taking Jason back to the OR for the birth :)awaiting new born babyawaiting new born babyHere are two of our nephews, Jonah and Kendrick awaiting their new cousin. Are they not so cute??!!!Elliott Raymon birthAnd here he is!!! Our first glimpse of him. I was so happy and excited for my brother!With new grandsonYeah! My dad with his newest grandson!Here he is just a few hours after birth and the next day! Crazy how much they change.The way Jason and Nicole told our family they were having a baby was with this shirt Jonah is wearing. It says "I love my cousin". Get it? Like the Duck shirts. This is my favorite photo. Oh my word...So sweet!!!Here they are. COUSINS Here I get to hold the new little one. He is so little little! I LOVE him.

My sister Elizabeth and her first nephew from our family.

Gracie and her new cousin. Congratulations Jason and Nicole!