Kruse Family {First Christmas}

Rachael Kruse Photography

I love spending time with family. With Adam and I living in Seattle, WA, and most our family living in Oregon, we don't get to spend much time with them. Adam and I are in our first year of marriage, and this is the first Christmas where our parents had to "share" us :). It was a bit of a transition, but we feel blessed to have such wonderful parents that LOVE us dearly. Above is Adam and our oldest nephew Parker Kruse (3). He is such a joy! Just look at the bright smile. Adam Kruse and Rachael Kruse Christmas Photo

I was very Excited to give Parker his Christmas gift. Giving gifts to children may be one of the most joyful and entertaining things. However, I learned a very valuable lesson this year...I was more excited about the gift then the three year old. Adam tried to tell me the boy's would want trucks or something they can play with. Silly me! I thought he would want a Spider-man pajama set. I thought it was cute, considering his name is PARKER. Parker Kruse ChristmasLook at the pure Joy on Parker's face! Is this due to the excitement and thrill of being able to pretend he is the real Spider-man?Parker Kruse Christmas Photo

This excitement is for the awesome remote control helicopter his Uncle Alex got for him. WOW! Was it a big hit. I will be taking pointers from Alex moving forward.

Parker Kruse ChristmasParker Kruse Christmas PhotoParker Kruse Christmas PhotoLook at Parker's little face above, he is simply mesmerized by this thing. His mom, Suzannah, also thought it was such a cool gift. I love to see Alex with Parker, he is such an amazing uncle. He loves Parker so much. I can't wait to enjoy our children connecting with him in the future. Pam Kruse Christmas Photo

Above Pam catches the Helicopter when it fell from the sky. Parker loves his Pamma!  I'm not sure why I don't have any pictures of Adam's dad, Tom... He is somewhere :) Pam and Tom are LOVED deeply by all of us!! Such a joy for me as in-laws. Suzannah Kruse Christmas PhotoSuzannah is such a blessing in my life! I feel so lucky to have such an amazing sister-in-law. I love spending time chatting about life. She is  wonderful mother to Parker as well. He is one lucky lucky little man.Jonah Harestad Christmas Photo

Howdy Partner! This is our second little nephew Jonah (2)! Oh man, this little guy is the joy of my life. Look at this little face :) He is saying "cheese". Yes! I did buy him these Woody PJ's. Jonah is the first grandchild born to my family, the Miller's. Jonah Harestad Christmas PhotoJonah Harestad Christmas photo

Jonah is in LOVE with Thomas the train. My brother and is wife, Nicole, bought him this whistle and train. When you blow the little conductor whistle, the train goes. Jonah Harestad Christmas PhotoJonah spent hours under the tree playing with his new train set. He loved loading things onto the train cars and then moving them along. I enjoy watching children at play. It is so cute!Jonah Harestad Christmas photoJonah Harestad Christmas Photo

Jonah Harestad

Papa and Jonah trying out his new bike! Jonah is so blessed to have such amazing grandparents. I don't know if I have seen any two people love one little guy so much. Him and his little brother, Kendrick, are the joy of their lives. Speaking of Kendrick... I guess I didn't get any photos of that little one. He must have been sleeping.Rachael Kruse Photography Seattle Family Photographer.

We spent Christmas morning at my parents house. The whole family was together. Here are all of our stockings hung. There is even one for my parents dog, Buddy!

Here we all are on Christmas day! I LOVE this family so much. The thing that I am laughing so hard at is two things you may never notice... but I'm going to point out to you. See the cane my dad has? He doesn't need a cane! He thought it would just make a nice addition to the family photo. Second, my brother Jason, on the far right, yeah he isn't that tall. He decided he would stand on his tip toes to be the tallest guy in the photo. You got to love em!!!

Adam Kruse and Rachael Kruse Christmas Photo 2011Here we are! The Kruse family. I love our little family. What an amazing year filled with joy and blessings.