Wood Family

I first met Annie on a trip I took to New Zealand when I was 18 years old. She was one of our Kiwi hosts as our group traveled through both islands. I really got to know Annie in the three weeks I was there. We connected again when she moved to the states a few years later. I have always admired her sweet ambiance and nature. I was thrilled when I got the opportunity to photographer her and Andrews wedding... And now that their little family has grown, I was overjoyed to photograph them again.


The occasion for the event was the recent birth of their son, Lucas. So happy for you guys! Congratulations!

We were schedule to photograph on Sunday morning... but, at Annie's sister Sarah's Wedding, I stole the family for a short bit to take advantage of the late afternoon light and beautiful field.

family photosFamily photosfamily photosfather son and father daughter picturesson and mother photo in fieldCouple photo in fieldCouple photoThe next morning I headed to Andrew and Annie's home. They have a cute craftsman style house in Springfield. You should see the beautiful backyard! When you head to the back you feel like you're in a private abode in the middle of the city.  Addison, their oldest daughter, gave me the tour as Annie was preparing Lucas for his first photo session. She is such a sweet bundle of joy. She danced for me and everything!newborn baby newborn baby girl in backyardlittle girl in back yardYoung girl in back yardlittle girls sparkley shoesyoung family photographed in homewood family photographed in homeandrew wood with newborn sonandrew wood holding newborn sonfamily photo in back yardfamiliy photographmom holding newborn sondaughter and sonIt was fun to hang out with you guys! Thanks again :)