Alki Beach West Seattle {Gavin + Hannah} Seattle Engagement Photographer


UntitledI first met with Gavin + Hannah last Spring and I was completely flattered by Hannah's kind words about my work, she absolutely loved it. I of course fell in love with these two as well over a little coffee. They are both very easy going and fun to hang with. I was looking forward to photographing their engagement session...

Three months later, I will admit I was a little nervous, as rain was hitting my windshield with force. I was on my drive over to West Seattle to meet these two for their engagement shoot. After all, we had scheduled  the engagement session in late summer, and I had pictured a beautiful clear skied dusk photo shoot, with beautiful glowing light.  I of course wanted to knock this one out of the park, because I felt I wanted to make Hannah happy! I was about to call the whole thing off, but when we met the rain had let up a bit, and like true Seattle dwellers, they were not afraid of a little rain. They even said they welcomed it, because it would make their engagement shoot more authentic Seattle. So, we went for it! I am so glad we did too. I am pretty stoked with how their engagement photos turned out and can't wait for their wedding next April.    ENJOY!

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